March 05, 2008

Animation Portfolio

I've been meaning to post this for a while but it seemed that every time I went to upload photos blogger was being ridiculously slow. Anyway,here is the outcome of many thumbnails, sketches, roughs, drawings, re-drawings, re-re-drawings, as well as much stress and excitement:

My Sheridan BAA - Animation Portfolio

There were a few life drawings and personal / sketchbook pieces as well but I do not have all of those on my computer. I've yet to find out if I've been accepted or not and I'm kind of nervous since, looking back on all of these drawings, i can already see so many things I would change about each.

Oh well.

wish me luck.


Farrukh Khan said...

i remember some of that stuff :P

the KoZaK said...

wow... im not sure why im leaving a comment, but i was google-ing myself, because i wanted to make sure my website was linked properly, and I came across your page. My names Chris Kozak, I'm down in Pittsburgh, and I also am an animator. small world huh?...