June 19, 2008

Summer Sketches

To see my (non-blog-worthy) sketches of the summer please visit this thread on conceptart.org:


I've also added a link in the right-hand column for when this post disappears into oblivion and is forgotten.


Victor Preto said...

hey nicole! its definatly ok, i put a link up to your blog on my blog to, cool?
and yes im so excited, never been so excited for anything in my life.. i actually tried animating the other day just cause i couldnt wait till september to be taught how to do so, and lets just say i need improvement :P lol
how about you?

and by the way great hand drawings on your sketchbook web site :D

Nicole said...

Thanks, Victor
(for the link and for the compliment)

Im very excited, too.
Usually I'm so stoked for summer but I'm actually craving long hours of drawing and deadlines and just the atmosphere of sheridan.

Victor Preto said...

ya i know eh, i feel the same way. its gonna be so awesome, its going to have that portfolio deadline atmoshere for the whole year but with triple the work lol, its a joy just thinking about it.
so what have you been drawing and practicing on lately?