August 13, 2008


Today I received my timetable for the 2008-2009 school year (aka: BAA - Animation, First Year) 

These are my instructors along with links to their websites. 
This is for personal reference more than anything. 

Apollo Okamura - The Art of Apollo Okamura
John D. Williamson -  
Michel Hannan - Michel Hannan 
David Donar - David Donar Animation
Dale Desrochers - 
Timothy McCormack - 
Jonathan Filipovic - 


noodlenoggen said...

Hey, Nicole, good idea! I believe this can sort of work for Williamson: , and Dale Desrochers: , . No idea about McCormack, and haha, since Filipovic is our English dude we can probably let him off the hook. 8D

Lwang said...

Oouu thx for the links :) just dropping by to say hi