October 07, 2008

First Year Thus Far

Hello Friends,
School has been hectic . . .edit: my bowling ball was driving me insane and consuming my life.
But I have found time to update you with some of my first completed assignments of BAAAAAaaaaaaAAaAAAaAAAnimation - Year One. Nothing spectacular. Seriously.


name slate

Ball Background

Character Rotation (I'm not too happy with the character but I'm sucking it up and posting it anyway since - well, i hope - down the road I can look back on this and see how much I have improved).


Lwang said...

Yea sure mind if I link you too? :)

Donovan Liu said...

i cant draw ):

Nicole said...

Lisa - of course i don't mind if you link to me :)

Don - That's a lie.

Kaycee said...

you're doing good lil'sister!! I love your work!!
<3 candypants

Nicole said...

Thanks, Candace.

Grime said...

I had never saw your name plate!
It's really good, and the cat is awesome!

Nicole said...

Thanks, Spencer.
I didnt know that you had a blog!
I'm going to go check it out.
Do you mind if i put a link to yours on mine?