October 16, 2008

Hands and Feet . . .Fands and Heet

Two posts in one night.

Here is the outcome of contorting my hands and feet into various positions and then drawing them. Enjoy.


Donovan Liu said...

i got one of them wet by accident ):

Nicole said...

Oh shit!
How? . .Is it noticeable? Oh god, I am failing Mark Thurman miserably.

Stupid cold.

Andrew Murray said...

very cool stuff Nicole.
Just checking out your blog, and stumbled upon the Joker sketch, and it made my night. what a frickin' awesome movie...Im watching it right now. shhh.

anyways, see you around.


Nicole said...

I'm glad that sketch made your night, Andrew.

Thanks for checking out my blog :)

Bigmac said...

Nice fands and heet! Heet are especially tough to draw. But seriously, Thurman'll love 'em.

Nicole said...

ahaha, thanks.
I didnt think anyone paid attention to that part of the title.

I really hope he'll like them.

Mattieau said...

Nice stuffs. Keep it up *nodnod*

Farrukh Khan said...

great drawing =) i like this. keep drawing, nicole