November 06, 2008


For the sake of my OCD I am posting my character poses separately. . .

I'm not amazingly happy with these but I do feel I have improved since my character rotation and, to me, that's all that matters :) 



Sabrina Smelko said...

I love his hair so much!
Oh wow, I want it, haha.
First Choice, here I come!

Celia said...

Ahh he's so awesome!! Sloths are so cool. Were you inspired by your Planet Earth watching? I want to know more about Darryl.

Nicole said...

Sabrina - Your taste in hair styles is disturbing.

Celia - Planet earth didn't inspire me to draw a sloth but it DID inspire me to learn more about birds of paradise! Seriously, if you can get a hold of the 'jungle' episode of planet earth (8 of 11 or something like that?) you will know what i mean!

Thank you, both, for your nice comments :)

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