November 25, 2008

Royal Winter Fair - Year One

Hello Friends,
Here are some drawings of animals from the Royal Winter Fair. 
My fondest memory of the RWF was the multitude of 'lost child' announcements. I swear that at least one child was lost for every two animals that i drew. I also enjoyed the baby pigs and llamas/alpacas. My portfolio should have been only llamas, alpacas, and piglets. That would have been wonderful. 
Anyway, enjoy the drawings.
I'm not too fond of most of them but it will be nice to compare my drawings next year to these ones. My only goal for next year is to draw faster (with structure, of course) so i can fill more pages. I barely had enough drawings for the portfolio this year which left me having to use a few repulsive ones. 


Lwang said...

Hehe I like the marker/brush pen drawingsss, very expressive :)

Nicole said...

Thanks, Lisa :)

Leon JO said...

Hello~ just wanna say welcome to animation!! (though it's super late lol)

and what cute animal drawings :D

sussman said...

look at the little chickies! :)

dubeta said...

I like the little chicks.

Taken out of context, that comment is ridiculous.

Dominic Philibert said...

Awesome drawings!!!

Nicole said...

Leon - Thanks for the official welcome and for the compliment :)

noam/nicole - the chicks are amazing. (i dont mean my drawings, i mean the little fluffy animals of joy)

Dominic - thank you for the lovely comment.