December 20, 2008

Merry (almost) Christmas and such

Christmas is coming and so I made some little cards for my family and some close friends. 

Here is the outcome (minus one card which i gave away early) 

So merry christmas, happy hanukkah, happy holidays and all that jazz.
Regardless, I hope everyone is enjoying their break (especially my sheridan friends who i must also apologize for not making christmas cards since there are so many of you and there was so little time / so many projects due before break :(  expect end-of-school-year treats or something). 



Shawn Lovering said...

you're smelko/shawn card was amazing!


nichole ter horst said...

I WILL expect an end of year treat now.

These cards are so cute! Merry Christmas! :D

Allumen said...

Those cards are really cool.

Howcome your blog is the only one that doesn't allow me to click on the pics for fullsize views. I wanna look at the Santas.
But again, very spirited of you for you the holidays.

Nicole said...

Wow, thanks guys!

Shawn - i hope sabrina shared the chocolate with you!

nicole - i fear your wrath if i dont produce something fantastic for the end of the year (but thank you for the compliments)

Kevin - I was thinking the same thing! I'm going to try resizing it so you can view it full size. I think it might not let you because the full version is just too gigantic.

Happy Holidaaaays, everyone!

Nicole said...

Nevermind, kevin

it turns out i actually just took a really small picture (i guess i randomly changed my camera settings?)

now you will never know what the santas look like!

Allumen said...

... and my life will never find fulfillment.