March 11, 2009

Life Drawing

I realized that I have yet to post any actual life drawings.
So to fix that here are some life drawings that Mark Thurman particularly liked from my final portfolio of the 1st semester.
(I actually find these kind of embarassing after looking back on them. I will post more recent drawings once we get our portfolios back from this semester).
Enjoy :)

30 Second Pose

1 Min Pose

3 Min Pose

3 Min Pose

5 Min Pose


Sunny said...
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Jason Barnes said...

veeeeeerry nice! the last pose is awesome. keep 'em comin.

Nicole said...

Thank you very much, Jason :)

Mark McDonnell said...

Nice movement in the sketches. It really is the hardest to capture the movement and all that follows in such a short time. I really do enjoy that challenge . . . . when I am not tearing my hair out.

Great blog.



Nicole said...

Thanks for the compliments, Mark.

I'm glad you enjoy the blog.