March 11, 2009

Post Number 3 of the Evening - Character Design

This is my last post of the night, i promise! I'm sorry for bombarding you all. I have just been slacking with updates and right now I have a little bit of free time so im making the most of it. Enjoy these character designs - they may be the last ones you see from me for a few months.

Our most recent assignment - Character Sequence

An assignment from what seems like decades ago (but really just the end of last semester) - Character Expressions

P.S. Good luck to everyone who is applying to animation/illustration for the 09/10 school year :)


Tobie said...

haha linking me next to feng zhu and audrey makes me feel small. Hope your first year at Sheridan was fun so far =P

Nicole said...

If you feel small then I feel microscopic!
I really enjoy your artwork.

My first year has been great so far, let's hope that the next 3 will be too.

Frank Macchia said...

I love the character acting sequence.
can't go wrong with a laughing scale.
great stuff.

Thanks for the add and congrats on almost being done first year.

Anonymous said...