April 24, 2009

Year One Finale

Hello friends,
My first year of Animation officially ended today.
This means I finally have the time to upload a bunch of artwork and animations that I've been meaning to post.
Brace yourselves and enjoy.

My flour sack interacting with some (used?) dentures.

For this assignment we had to choose a passage from a novel that described the interior of a room and then complete a painting of said interior. This painting was based off of a passage from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in which they describe his "Laboratory + Dissecting Room".

Character poses and expressions. no need to elaborate.

And now for a few things from one million years ago that I completely forgot about:

Pink Panther walk cycle

A painting of a a Utopia / Dystopia. You can choose which one's which.
I had a ton of fun experimenting with the colour swatches! I want to do a painting of only swatch squares. Maybe I will. keep your eyes peeled.

I hope you enjoyed this tremendous update.
Stay tuned 'cause it's summer!

P.S. Congratulations to all of the 3rd and 4th year Animation students. I attended the screening (4 hours, was it?) of the films and there were a lot of funny, creative, unique, and enjoyable films. Great job everyone and good luck with your future endeavors, 4th years. I am now even more nervous / excited for 4th year.


colinwd said...


Sabrina Smelko said...

SO good, nicole.
so so so cool.
theres so much cool i dont know where to begin!

the room from the story is awesome, nice perspective of it!
and i LOVE the utopia/dystopia.

as for the animations, i dont even get how you do that, so its automatically awesome haha


sussman said...

awesome stuff
your character designs have improved for sure, and i like your flour sack, very cute.
your paintings have also gotten better, i like that lab, is that what your basement looks like ? hahaaaa

Kyle M said...

man, good stuff. i especially like your character design... where is that character in a setting painting??? that thing was amazing!

Nicole said...

Colin - i dont really know what to say to that

Sabrina - thanks so much for thinking my work is cool :)

Noam - you are way too nice! you really think i have improved? That means a lot. P.S. that is a photorealistic painting of my basement.

Kyle - thanks thanks :) That painting is off frolicking with Tim somewhere. I guess I will post it next year.

Celia said...

ahhh so much amazing!!!!

a) i love your flour sack animation. So cute. I had to watch it 4 times. Did you hear the high-pitched (aka when Shen and Kasia talk about friends) all the way in Milton.

2) amazing layout. So cool.
iii) neato caricatures! I could recognize everyone which = A+

3(part b): adorable character poses/expressions.

Awesome everything. You rule. High five :) sorry for epic post. I enjoyed our lunch date the other day with Tony and Don. Please come live at our house this summer

Your Twin.

Nicole said...

Celia - I'm really glad you loved everything! that was such a nice comment, and it made me smile :) we should have lunch dates more often.