June 11, 2009

cool as a post-it note

saw this cool video posted on DesignVerb!

take a look, love it, share it.


Shane Plante said...

AWESOME WORK here, Nicole!

Your digital paintings are really great! And your linework is great as well!

I have a question... Do you guys have a mandatory painting class? I say this because, almost EVERY sheridan blog I come across, you guys EXCELL at digital paints! Hell, even painting on Canvas!

Anyways, great work! Can't wait to see more!

Nicole said...

hey shane, thank you so much for the nice compliments!

We do have painting class however it was a traditional class working 99% in gouache (not digital painting, if thats what you mean). Thank you, though. I feel like i still have a ton to learn in terms of digital painting, traditional painting and pretty much every other area of vis. development / design / animation. ha.

I hope to see more of your work soon!