June 20, 2009


A painting / caricature of Larry the Cable guy for my dad (fathers day).
I am not too sold on the likeness and am thinking i might touch it up / re-do before sunday. But i like to post even my worst work so i have something to compare future pieces to (to see if i am improving).

enjoy :)


Allumen said...

What? how can you not like this piece, it's my favorite digital portrait you've posted. The likeness is decent, but the rendering around that mouth is most excellent. My only suggestion is to do a bit of rough rendering on the shirt, like you did on his baseball cap. Cause right now it looks a little unfinished.

Nicole said...

The more I look at it, the more i dislike it. But i am happy you think the mouth rendering is 'most excellent' that makes me happy :)

I was also thinking that about the shirt. If i do fix / re-do this that will be on my list. thanks for the feedback!

sussman said...

hahah thats awesome nicole

Shane Plante said...

I really like his mouth, jesus...there is a lot of depth in tha part...As much as I hate larry the cable guy, I really like this caricature.


Frank Macchia said...

pff. are you kidding me?

this is dead on. great work.

Nicole said...

thanks, everyone :)

Farrukh Khan said...

ms. nicole.

very nice.
=) keep it up my friend.