June 23, 2009

Sketches, as promised!

Hello friends,
Here is a (mildly) heaping pile of sketches that I thought I should share with you (so you have something cooler to look at than my failed digital painting attempts). enjoy!


Alina Chau said...

Nice pages of sketchbook drawings!! The character drawings are fun!

sussman said...

dear nicole kozak,
these are great. your style's getting funkier, which is awesome. you seem to be drawing a lot. i enjoyed those faces on the page with the bum chin and the second page. and the old couple is cute. anyway keep it up!

Shen Ramu said...

love the alien/zombie kids nicole! (or whatever the heck they are) they seem creepy in a very endearing way :)

Celia said...

ahhh so much awesome! You rock. Your drawings always make me smile :)

Sabrina Smelko said...

love the job for rob! hahaha
and the last one reminds me of UP!
so goooooooooooouda!