August 26, 2009


A sketch dump. Please ignore the fact that my blog is in the process of a makeover. enjoy the sketches instead of my blog layout :)


Sabrina Smelko said...

LOOOOOVE this whole post!
Your pencil work is absolutely yummy!
And I'm jealous of your writing! Haha

sussman said...

Dear Nicole Kodak,
These are great. I really like the inked up guy on the first page, he reminds me of koko the clown. funky stuff. I also like the bald guy with the mustache on the last page. keep 'em coming. See you at school!

Shen Ramu said...

nicole, "picture day" is fantastic! would be sweet as a poster, or on a shirt, or even a business card or something. nice stuff!

Nicole Kozak said...

Sabrina - My writing? really? I think it's so messy. Thanks for being so nice :)

Noam - Thanks! I cant wait to see you and more of your sketchbook.

Shen - I'm glad you like it! Which kid is your fave?

Abe Taraky said...

The very first sketch page, bottom right, great caricature, looks like Conan O'Brien.