October 08, 2009

Big & Graceful - Chiu Stream

Hey guys,
I know - long time no post. Why? School.

Last night I participated in Imaginism Studio's (Schoolism's) Chiu Stream since Bobby Chiu was interviewing a great artist: Peter De Seve! We had just shy of an hour to do a quick sketch using the theme "Big & Graceful"

Here is my entry:

I don't know how this goes down but either by votes, or by the mighty decision of Peter himself, one lucky person gets an original sketch from Peter! Imagine? Amazing. I can only hope. . .

Enjoy :)

Update: didnt win but still had a great time. It's a very motivational experience for anyone who enjoys drawing/painting :)


Gabrielle Deans said...

This is so good/cute, Nicole!! I love him! Hope you win! :)

sussman said...

hahah thats pretty awesome nicooooole

nichole ter horst said...

Chiustream is pretty awesome! If I didn't want to sleep tonight, I'd be on it right now. I watched last night. Jason posted a picture though. It's addictive.