October 19, 2009

Iron Giant Love (BANZAI!)

EDIT: I'm so dumb: as I was about to submit this I just read on the project site that the deadline has been extended. Bummer. Since there's an extension: Critiques, anyone?

I'm not going to lie - I had to whip this up in very very very little time. This is for the Iron Giant Project. The Iron Giant being one of my favourite movies, I just had to make something. Too bad school's so busy :( I would have loved to spend more time on this or make multiple pieces / experiment with different techniques, etc.

Well . .maybe I'll make some more iron giant fan art some day .. .



nichole ter horst said...

I love it! I'd just say amp up the contrast... but it's in traditional, isn't it? I don't know if I'd risk tampering with it..

Ben Z Cooper said...

I dig the image, nice job of capturing the moment. The only small change would be to put some water in front of the Iron Giant; he seems a bit separate from the background. What a wicked movie :)

Lwang said...

Yay can't wait to see it in the book they publish :)

Nicole Kozak said...

Nichole / Ben- Thanks for the critiques :) I'm glad you still like it though.

Lisa- if you go to http://irongiantproject.blogspot.com you can see all of the entries :)