November 14, 2009

Life Drawrin'z

I just realized I rarely post actual life drawings. maybe it's my lack of self confidence. Here are some 30 sec, 2, and 5 mins for you (plus a bonus muscle-bum) Enjoy.


Celia said...

nice stuff twin! i love the sense of weight in your figures and you've got great gestures. really dynamic feeling.

Jer said...

I really like your écorché drawings. Just enough information in there without overpowering the drawing. Great job on all of these!

Ben Z Cooper said...

Nice stuff.
Wish they were scans, I love the texture of pencil strokes... also, I can't get over that they all have flat gentials like Barbie and Ken ;P

Nicole Kozak said...

Celia - Thank yooou!

Jeremy - Thanks - I like drawing muscle bums.

Ben - I wish i had a better quality version of these. They are actually done in Conte which is sill pretty cool. and about the genitals - i know what you mean. my teacher says our class is too modest when it comes to throwing them in there :P