November 24, 2009

Ramble Ramble Sick Sick

I am sick. Nearly a week of being sick is pretty drastic in Sheridan Animation land. My walk-run assignment will be brutal. i know it. So much to do. so little time. So why am i writing on blogger? because my little brain cant function/focus enough to do any 'real' work. Perhaps I will doodle.

Enjoy this irrelevant post of nothingness.


Justin Hartley said...

Aww, get better very soon! I'm sure you're animation is gonna look rockin'. Just try to relax! :D You need to be healthy so the Coen Bros Marathon can happennnnn!!!! :P

Celia said...

i am sending wonderful feel better feelings to you! open your arms wide so you can catch them all :)

sussman said...

get better nicozak
dont even think about schooool, last week i was sick and went home on wednesday, didnt do anything till yesterday. it was great.
anyway, drink a lot of orange juice with pulp and watch a lot of porn and eat a lot of chicken soup and eat your vegetables! haha feel better

Ben Z Cooper said...