October 29, 2010


           Last night I saw THE SOCIAL NETWORK with some friends. I went into the movie a little biased because I'm a fan of David Fincher's films. I did like it. It was definitely a very surreal movie-watching experience...seeing a film about an idea that has impacted the way society - both individuals and businesses - function. Sometimes I'd get so caught up in the film that I would forget that the site they were building on screen wasn't fictional...and that after seeing the movie I would probably go home and login to facebook. (and I did).

          Aside from that, and the reason for this post, really, is that I just enjoy David Fincher's filming techniques.  There is one scene, the boat-racing scene (if you've seen the film), that was really ground-breaking, in my opinion, in terms of cinematography. One of my friends that I saw the film with enlightened me about this "Tilt-Shift Photography" business. (definitely google it to see what I mean!) It makes everything infront of the lense appear as though it were a set of miniatures. I'd never heard of this technique before and it produces such an interesting effect both in stills and motion picture! The music in that scene was great (see also: the music in the entire film) and there were some really nice shot choices so, all together, a really stand-out scene. I don't know if any other director has incorporated tilt-shift filming in their films before Fincher? I tried to find out but didn't have much luck.  So if you know of any other films / scenes that have used Tilt-Shift let me know!

          Back to David Fincher! Again, very interesting and effective shots as usual. Fincher also has, in my opinion (or just stating the obvious), a nice use of lighting in his films.

          I write posts like these with a lot of humility because I know I'm no film critic, director, writer, or anything. So to take the focus off of this semi embarrassing, rambling post - enjoy some amazing screen caps from some of my favorite Fincher films!!

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Ron said...

All his films are amazing. I've loved Fincher ever since I saw Se7en in the theater.

Here's a post I did on him not too long ago: