February 17, 2012


We watched Sylvia in class the other day and of course you can't tell a story about Sylvia Plath without mentioning her various suicide attempts. With less than 2 hours of screen time the writers had to shove in reference to her suicidal nature somewhere and while I am very sensitive to suicide, depression, and mental health overall, I couldn't help finding the dialogue a little bit ridiculous.
Here is a little comic. Not the best. Still very very new to comic-making. Hopefully you'll enjoy it? ! :)
(And hopefully there will be many more comics to come in the future!)

Have you read any of Sylvia Plath's work? Like? Dislike? Share!


Matt said...

aahhahaha reallly nice!!

Noam Sussman said...

hahah funny shit son

Amir Avni said...

Very true to the original!

Dylan said...