May 21, 2012

At The Lake

A photo post. 
Lakeshore with Kyle & Laurel 

I know, I know. It's not sketches/animation . . don't hate me. 

(you can't really tell but Toronto looked like it was glowing from across the lake and the CN tower was extremely visible). 


Matt said...

sweeeeet photos!!

Keelamari said...

I hate you but only because I wish I was there. Beautiful!

Daniel Marziali said...

I used to live dere!

But now I'm moving to niagra :/

Dean Heezen said...

Sick shots :) Next time you wanna head to lakeshore in the near by future, give me a shout!

Noam Sussman said...

nice shots, looks like a moooovie

Laurel Dalgleish said...

wow, Kozak! These are really great! and I love the way you composed them. <3

Nicole Kozak said...

Thanks everyone :)

Noam - these are actually stills from Finding Nemo

Laurel - Thanks kid! The original compositions were 4:3 ratio but i cropped 'em!