June 19, 2012

ORBIT - An Animated Short Film

It's time!
I'm finally able to share my thesis film, ORBIT, with you guys!
This short was produced over the span of my final year at Sheridan College and despite the long hours and fear of the unknown it was an amazing experience.
I couldn't have done this without the support of all of my super-creative and crazy-talented friends/peers.
I hope you enjoy it and I definitely love hearing what people think so don't be afraid to leave a comment!

ALSO - I have some button packs for sale over HERE !  So you can check that out too, if you want.

Here's the film (recommended in Full Screen but you can do whatever makes you happy!)

- Thanks to Kat for adding my film to the Sheridan Animation Channel on Vimeo!
So many good films to check out there!
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Matt said...

Hard work pays off.
Awesome film! . . .

now make MORE!!!

Luuk van Baars said...

This is wicked Nicole!
Well done!

and yes, more please :)

Parka said...

Nice work. It's entertaining.

Nicole Kozak said...

Thanks, everyone :)
Hopefully more to come !

sakiteriyaki said...

great film! love your work

Nicole Kozak said...

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it :) I'm a fan of the awesome stuff on YOUR blog!