July 21, 2012

Sketchbook Extravaganza !

 Hey blog-lurkers!
This month has been very exciting for me - I've started working at Elliott animation as a junior animator. So far it's been so wonderful but it also means that I've had way less time to scan + post things here. So! To make up for that here is a bunch of sketches collected from the summer thus far (one or two school-year sketch cameos are in here - try to find them). Enjoy :)

Some of these people are from Hamilton. Can you guess which ones?

Sketching at Starbucks with Janice ! Here's a collab we did that day, too:

Just some feces faces . .


Matt said...

ahahahahahaaaa! these are great!

Janice Chu said...

Oh nooo the birds lool good times =D Thank you for that!

Spencer Duffy said...

bahahaha I love your feces! ..i mean

Noam Sussman said...

oo didnt see this post. but i saw them all in person ithink. good shit sonnn

Laurel Dalgleish said...

weeeeeeeeee!!! I love that tree face, these are so awesome :)