October 23, 2008

Blood Pheazzles and Planet Earth

For the past two nights Miranda and I have been watching Planet Earth.
Those two episodes have impacted me in a way I didn't think animals, plants, and a man with an especially scholarly voice could.

I think that being exposed to species of plants and animals that I have never seen before has inspired me so much. The show has introduced me to exciting new colour palettes and has humbled me.

I hope that one day i will be able to see at least a fraction of the landscapes and animals that i have seen on Planet Earth.

on one of the episodes they showed cranes, rhododendrums (<--a type of flower) and blood pheasants. I'm not going to lie, Blood Pheasants are appropriately named: they look like crazed murderers BUT i thought that their colouring was so cool. Blood Pheasants = So Cool! So I made a painting for Miranda: (since it is reading week and thus i finally had some time for personal artwork) Gouache and Ink on Watercolour Paper

This is the process work for anyone who is interested.

I like the head of the pheasants in my thumbnails more than i like the final.
Isnt that always what happens? Long live the thumbnails.

I have been listening to the jade empire soundtrack non-stop since last night.
Just thought I would throw that out there since it is so epic and definitely set the mood for my paint-a-thon (i painted the thumbnails last night, the final this morning and then a bunch of thumbnails for a soon-to-be-due skies project)

Bioware makes the best video games and OST for said games.


Sabrina Smelko said...

nicole, you're such a nerd in the jade e. category, but I love it too.... haha! so good

and your pheasants are the cutest things ever.
got the set last christmas!
so epic and eye-opening!
if you havent seen every terrain / dvd, IVE GOT EM. LETS WATCH THEM!

Marika D. said...

Hi Nicole!

I apologize for the delay in e-mailing you however I'm going to try to post some blogs now.

Unfortunately no artwork from school until the summer I believe.

I'll try to post some personal work though.

Your work on the contrary is INCREDIBLE. I hope your studies are going well.

- MD

Ps. happy Halloween.

Pps. The initial purpose of my comment was to agree with your LONG LIVE THUMBNAILS. <3

Nicole said...

Sabrina - Bioware controls my life.
aaand we definitely should have a planet earth marathon; I will inform miranda. I have a bunch of episodes on my computer but probably no where near the entire collection.

Marika - !
It's so nice to hear from you :)
Thank you for the lovely compliments.
I can't wait to see what you have been up to (probably something amazing).

Donovan Liu said...

ahh still trying to download mass effecttt

Kyle M said...

those are nice thumbnails