November 05, 2008


I can't believe that it is pitch black at 5:30pm these days.
Silly time change.
Silly winter.

I feel exhausted by 6pm now.
Day light (or lack thereof) really messes with your miiind.

tomorrow is Thursday which i am excited for.
There are two reasons why I enjoy Thursdays:

I. New episode of The Office
II. New chapter of Naruto

I can't wait.

Im sorry for those of you who were expecting me to post something about art / animation.
Daylight and Thursdays? That's not life drawing or key frames.

Stay tuned,
I hope to be posting my animations and character poses tomorrow on, of course, THURSDAY! <3


Donovan Liu said...

no narutoo this weekkkkkk

Kyle M said...

i can never find naruto until friday

Nicole said...

Don - You are a liar. I do not trust you.

Kyle - I think they come out late thursday night. Im just going by what donovan tells me but don't trust him. he's sneaky.

I am adding you to my blog list! (if you dont mind?)