February 14, 2009

Help Me

If there is anyone who is particularly Blogger-ly inclined and knows why a lot of my pictures wont let you click them + enlarge them I would love for you to share your secret knowledge and help me fix this :( 

Sometimes certain pictures let you, other times they dont. (even though I usually save them all at the same size/ resolution) 



Your friend,


noodlenoggen said...

Does that to me sometimes. Going back into the problem post, deleting the pictures then reuploading them will fix it. At least, it always has for me (a couple times I had to go back and delete the reuploaded pic and REreupload tho...)

Garth Laidlaw said...

its because you use a mac!! hah but in all seriousness i dont know. sorry nicole :(

Nicole said...

thanks, deven. i will give that a try.

garth . . .i dont know what to say to you. haha.

Donovan Liu said...

post it on deviantart and just link it

Darryl Kee said...

i think i know why, if u added the picture and move it around, the link won't work(as apposed to just uploading it and leaving it alone in the post box)

fixing it is abit daunting tho, in theory, u'll need to copy and paste the script to the picture, cuz i believe when you move the picture around, the script that makes it a link doesn't move with it..so yea..haha that was too wordy =_=