February 14, 2009

What is . . .New Post?

Friends, Family, Fans, Cult Followers, etc.

I apologize for my lack of updates.
Here is something new to look at:

A painting done for class. 'Night and Day on Planet J' These are 'J Grazers' they eat glowing plants and then, at night, glow around and float around. (If you read Lisa Wang's blog you will see that she hates Sheridan's scanners for their lack of good colour representation. I completely agree. I tried adjusting curves, colour, and brightness to get this image as close to the real version as possible but it is still pretty far off). oh well. Enjoy!


Stephen Hinds said...

oooh very Nice! I remember this assignment! Really nice painting!

Nicole said...

Thank you very much :)

Lwang said...

yesss the horrible scanners >_< love the paintings btw =) and yea 0_0 can't click on them.. I never had this problem before.. hmm... try uploading again?

Kasia said...

Saw this on the wall. nicely done. very cute!