May 05, 2009

Nuclear Lawnmower

may 7 - EDIT: I changed the photo of the painting to one that I think is much more colour-accurate.
It took me about 2 million shots on my camera to get something decent.

Hello blog friends,
Here's a painting i've been meaning to share with all of you:

Nuclear Lawnmower
Acrylic on canvas
12" x 12"

I haven't used acrylic in a long time so this was pretty rough to do at first.
(Im not too good with photographing paintings but i think the colours are decently accurate).

I call it nuclear lawnmower for the simple fact that I feel if my painting teacher, Tim, saw this he would say "The sky looks very nuclear" or something to that effect.

(p.s. if you are good at photographing acrylic and/or oil paintings... let's be friends).


Jimmy Xu said...

LMFAOOO OMG I.... LOVE.... this piece Nicole!!! So that's what you meant by weird strange, but man, one of my fav pieces from you!!! Sensei is pleased!!!

Nicole said...

ahaha im so glad you like it. i thought the colours were pretty accurate but i realized its a bit more saturated in real life. maybe one day you will see it in person.

im so happy you're proud!

now if only i could win an intuous 4. . .

sussman said...

thats hilarious nicole!
good stuff, lets see some more..

Frank Macchia said...

Thats amazing Nicole. it made me laugh..AND think.

i love the pallette...very moody

your paintings are fantastic lady!

also, the design of the lawn mower robot man thing...creepy. i love him.

Lwang said...

hehe it does remind me of something nuclear =P i love ittt, paint more paint more :)

dubeta said...

When I worked at a golf course, I ran over a boy I liked with a lawnmower. The blades weren't on, but damn it was embarrassing.

That is what your painting reminds me of.

Nicole said...

Noam - Thanks! :) Stay tuned . . .

Frank - Im glad you like it and especially glad that it made you laugh. It makes me laugh. I think that's the purpose of the painting. laughter. nuclear laughter.

Lisa -I will paint more! When am i going to see more Lisa Wang art?

Dubeta - What a horrible story. i laughed.

Sabrina Smelko said...

Me and Shawn both love this!
I never got around to commenting though! So here we be!

Good work Nic-nic :)
let's bike soon!

Nicole said...

Thanks Sabrina!

If only I could get a decent photograph of this / any of my paintings. Im glad you kids like it though :)

call me anytime for a bike ride / ice cream / dessert pizza / etc.

Nicole said...
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