May 05, 2009

Spoon on Speed

Jimmy and i discussed how sad it would be if Wizards of the Coast ever got my hopes up:

"Nicole, we would like you to illustrate one of our Magic the Gathering Cards!"

And then tore my heart out:

"We want you to illustrate . . .a spoon"

how sad.

here is a quick little painting of the spoon that could be, and some little creatures lurking it. lurk lurk lurk.


I'm aware that it's pretty brutal, but I can only get better, right?


Genève said...

I think it's a mighty fine spoon. hmm hmm

Jimmy Xu said...

Hey not bad! Liking the texture you used here!

I would even make the little dudes' eyes glow just a bit, just to add more exciting atmosphere into it, and add a bit of highlight ontop of the spoon!

Keep it up and Wizard will be begging you to make spoons for them!!!

Nicole said...

thanks, guys :)

thanks, future wizard freelance spoon job.

Skyers said...

Been surfing blogs, and ended up here and I gotta good laugh outta this post. It would be funny to see this spoon rampaging though the creatures' city. Anywho keep up the good work. Practice practice practice :P

ClanSoul said...

Better than I can do :P

Nicole said...

Skyers - Thanks for lurking on by, and look out for rampaging spoons

Clan - Im sure you could paint a spoon if you wanted. Try it?