May 25, 2009

Rock Study

Just a quick update before I take a nap.
Here is a . .somewhat. . quick digital study I did of a canyon/rock (from photo ref).


approx. 2.5 hours (i could benefit from being faster / more loose. a lot to learn, still!)


TH3DEN said...

Whoa i thought that was a real photo there for a second! Great colors. Spaceman rocks. :)

Frank Macchia said...

im not even kidding...based on the thumbnail i though it was a photo too...give yourself some credit lady...incredible work as usual.

and also. napping. good call. it's what keeps me alive.

Gabriele Pasqualino said...

really nice values!

Genève said...

In terms of structure everything seems spot on, though in terms of colors it seem rather one dimenional. You should try throwing some cool colors against the warm ones to make it look more lively. In general, everything seems to be going great though, keep it up!

Nicole said...

TH3DEN - Thanks :)

Frank - Thank you :) I still have a long way to go. P.S. my nap was so good.

Gabriele - Thanks :) It's from a photo ref. so i cant really take too much credit

Geneve - Thanks for the heads up, I will have to experiment with that :) Thanks for stopping by!

Gato Casero said...

Wowwwww!! great... and it was really fast!! : )

Victor Preto said...

wow thats amazing nicole! i actually thought it was a picture at the start to, (not just saying that cause 2 other people said that either lol)
keep at it, im gonna use this as inspiration, to actually do some work myself, ive been slacking more then imaginable this summer haha

sussman said...

craazy shit nicole, youre definitely improving :)

Abe Taraky said...

Whats up, nice scene, fun composition, keeping it loose is good. Geneve makes a great point.

Thierry said...

The best word would be : Woaw !Amazing painting, Nicole !
Very nice colours and values.

Silver Knight said...

beautiful work!

Sabrina Smelko said...

kozak, this looks like a photo.
good job missssssss!

Nicole said...

thanks for all of the feedback, everyone :)