May 27, 2009


I realized that I dont really post sketchbook work on my blog.
Here is what i've been up to, sketchbookly speaking, so far this summer. enjoy.

(click to enlarge)

stay tuned.


colinwd said...

waaaait a sec. one of those pandas is an own. blasphemy!

colinwd said...


Celia said...

pandas can be owls too Colin! :P obviously...

All of your sketches are so awesome Nicole. I very much liked the portraits of River, your pandas and the Cactus and Cowboy. :D Yay art!

sussman said...

lol love the beginning of summer of 09, the pandas and the cowboy and the cactus.

Allumen said...

The cowboy drawings are so cool looking. They have a unique design flavor to them. But that second start of summer picture is kind of morbid.

Nicole said...

colin - no owls here. put your glasses back on.
celia - i am glad you like my river drawings. i loved doing them :)
noam - glad you like em :)
kevin - i promise i do not support bullying / violence. promise.

EL Gato Negro said...

Very fun sketches keep em comin!!!!!!!!!

Frank Macchia said...

YES! i love sketch book pages...always a delightful window into an artists insanity.

first off. i definitely watched the TMZ with the middle aged balding dakota fanning groupies. very acturate depiction btw.

cowboy and cactus. genious.

and i enjoyed seeing winter 09 getting the shit kicked out of him.
much deserved.

im quickly becoming a big fan of this blog Koz. nice stuff as usgh.

Nooree K said...

AHH nice cat-head studies! :)

Thierry said...

Very cool, funny and poetic sketches! I like them very much!

Nicole said...

El Gato Negro - thanks! :)
Frank Macchia - i'm glad you like and im glad that im not the only one who saw those creepy dakota fans! other things im glad for: that you like my blog and that you liked the 'winter 09' beat-up

Noreeeeeee! - it's nice that you stopped by! thanks!

Thierry - thank you so much :)