May 16, 2009

Spaceman, Oh Spaceman

Hello friends of the blogger persuasion,
Last night I started a little vector-esque digital piece and since today was a rainy, lazy day I decided to spend a lot of time experimenting with various illustrator/photoshop techniques. I have very very very very much to learn in many areas of art & design and I feel like today was a very rewarding practice/experimental session.
Enough of my blabbering.

Enjoy this little spaceman:

It's just an astronaut doing his 9 - 5 like everyone else.


Jimmy Xu said...

This is 1980's David Bowie to Spaceman!!!

very cute!!!

Frank Macchia said...

just another monotonous day at the ol' lunar base eh?

i love this. nice work

Nicole said...

thanks, boys :)

Marcos Mateu said...

Intriguing and ready to go to work!
It certainly looks like things outspace are getting that casual for real, and fast!

Celia said...

amazing! I love him. Actually... I think he might be one of my regulars at the coffee shop. Yup. He comes in every morning for his double espresso on his way to the moon!


Nicole said...

Celia! Thanks so much :)

If you squint at all of the dots in the background you can see Second Cup and a small little girl from Owen Sound / Wiarton brewing some coffee . . .