July 17, 2010


I've always enjoyed Christopher Nolan's films so I might be slightly biased when I say that I really enjoyed this one. There isn't much I can say to those who haven't seen it. It's really something you have to experience yourself and hopefully without any preconceptions. For those who have seen it I'd like to know:  Did you like it?

How do you feel about Inception?

Leave a comment or three. 


Art Alchemist said...

The movie was AMAZING. At this exact moment I am debating on which one is better Prestige or Inception...the fact that Nolan wrote Inception blows my mind.

He is a flawless director, I wan't too keen on Memento but maybe one day I will grow to like it.

What do you think about Inceptions ending?

Nicole Kozak said...

I really like The Prestige, too!

As far as Inception's ending - without giving too much away for people who might read this but have yet to see the film - I like to remain optimistic and think that they were, in reality, successful :)

your take?

Ian Abando said...


really awesome movie

kind of has a matrix feel to it , but definitely more complex . i also found it pretty amazing that with a plot as complex as this one Nolan was able to maintain a balance between the 'inception' and DiCaprio's character and his arc throughout the story

every movie has its faults , but few are as ambitious as this one


ps i think the ending is Nolan messing around . there is no real answer ? i dont know :P

Lwang said...

it wobbled!! in the dreams it never wobbles..... okay I'm being optimistic too lol, love the film I want to watch it again just to pick out all the details and dialogue that I missed!

Luca said...

I really enjoyed Inception, it was wonderful (especially that folding city) :)


AmandaSasha said...

I loved it! These days I find a lot of amazing movies are taking real interesting ideas and pushing the creative boundaries...and Inception did just that. It really makes you think.

Did anyone catch the Titanic reference when he hands the guy a wad of cash and replies "I make my own luck" ? Loved it. :)

noodlenoggen said...

#1: Inception was awesome.

#2: King of Attolia is too. C: It's pseudo ancient Greek with political intrigue and sword battles and the main character generally being way too cool for school.