August 17, 2012

Rogue Film

Last weekend I set out to make a 24-Hour film for Ashlyn Anstee's annual MANIMATE challenge.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete the film I had in mind.
However, on the plus side, this year's prompt definitely got some ideas flowing and allowed me to complete a rough pass of boards and some visual development for said film.  

So here's a taste of some of the work that went on: 

I've refrained from posting all of the boards because - who knows - maybe you're actually witnessing some very early pre-production work for a film that might fully materialize soon!

Stay tuned to the Manimate website for some really funny and awesome 24-Hour films! 


Matt said...

lookin goooood so far!!

Nikolas Ilic said...

these look great! Hope you can find the time to do it :D

Noam Sussman said...

ah cool you added colour ! noiceee